Sirui Monopods and L-10 Monopod Head – Perfect Together!

Sirui P Series Professional Monopods
For ultimate stability, nothing but a tripod will do. However, there are times when a tripod is not practical or allowed. A monopod offers excellent stability when working with long telephoto lenses and makes a difference in low-light situations. They’re easy to carry, set up instantly and are ideal in tight spaces.

Sirui P-306/326
The Sirui P-306/326 monopods have 6 sections that extend to 60.6 inches (154cm) when fully opened, yet, are only 15 inches (38cm) when closed – small enough to fit in a backpack or photo bag. The P-306/326 weighs only 0.9/1.1lb. (0.5/0.9kg) and can hold up to 17.6/22lb. (8/10kg). The mounting screw is reversible and can be used on 3/8 or 1/4-20 heads and accessories. The monopods include a wrist strap with carabiner and compass.

Sirui P-324/424
The new 4-section P-324/424 extend to 66.9 inches (170cm), fold down to only 22 inches (56cm) and the P-324/424 holds loads up to 22/33lb. (10/15kg). Both models come with a wrist strap and belt loop. At only 1.1/1.31lb. (0.5/0.6kg), there’s no excuse for being without a Sirui monopod.

All Sirui monopods come with a retractable steel spike for added grip outdoors!

To get the most from your monopod, you need a head that will provide smooth tilting action, high load capacity and a solid locking mechanism. Look no further than the Sirui L-10 Monopod Head!

Sirui L-10 Monopod Tilt Head
Ideal for use with large telephoto lenses on monopods.

The large tilt lock knob

and calibrated tilt scale

make handling and adjustments fast and repeatable. The patented, Sirui designed dual safety lock design, and Sirui standard and custom quick release plates,


prevent the camera from accidentally sliding off of the L-10 head (when the quick release clamp is slightly loosened) and offer superior locking performance and reliability. Most Arca-compatible quick release plates can be used on Sirui Heads (Note: safety lock design not available from other brands).

The Sirui L-10 Monopod Head can be attached onto 3/8 screw bases and Sirui or Arca-compatible Quick Release platforms.

With the ability to hold up to 33lb. (15kg), the Sirui L-10 Monopod Head can be used with large, fast telephoto and zoom lenses for sports and fast moving action situations! Plus, it can greatly improve your low-light photography, especially when tripods are not allowed or convenient!When you combine the solid, compact design of Sirui Monopods with the versatility of the L-10 Monopod Head, you have an unbeatable support system at an equally unbeatable price!

As with all Sirui professional photographic products, the Sirui P series Professional Monopods and L-10 Monopod Head come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty! 6 yr stickerFor more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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2 Responses to Sirui Monopods and L-10 Monopod Head – Perfect Together!

  1. David H says:

    This is an excellent head design! I would buy this today, but the clamp is turned wrong to use with my camera L-bracket (which I never remove from camera).

    Please offer an option for a rotated clamp. Either offer a removable rotatable clamp… or a second L-10 model with fixed clamp at 90 degree rotation with knob in back.

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