Why I’m Happy I Shoot with a Sirui N-2204 Tripod and G-20 Ball Head


Sirui Product Reviews by Pro Photographers

It’s always good to hear from photographers who have used Sirui tripods.

This is the first in a series of Sirui product reviews by professional photographers.

Sirui N-2204 tripod and the Sirui G-20 Ball Head

PhotographyTalk.com recently did an excellent review of the Sirui N-2204 tripod and the Sirui G-20 Ball Head. Note: Now replaced by enhanced versions – N2204X and G-20X (see the specs on the newest G Series ballheads): https://siruiprofessionaltripods.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/taking-sirui-ball-heads-to-the-next-level/).

Here are a few quotes:

“… every moving piece on this tripod operates so precisely that it’s easy to forget this tripod’s price tag. You would think this tripod would set you back close to a grand, however it’s less than half!”

“The extended legs are very sturdy and receive two big thumbs up from me!”

“I spent an afternoon putting the tripod and ball head through a variety of tests and will state with enthusiasm that you should order one immediately…”

“When you unlock the legs for the first time, you can’t help but notice how smoothly they extend.”

To see the full review go to http://bit.ly/PAw6cN

As with all Sirui professional photographic products, Sirui N-Series Professional Tripods and G-Series Ball Heads come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr sticker

For more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to http://www.sirui.com or check our Facebook site at www.facebook.com/SiruiProfessionalTripods 

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