Do You Need A Sirui Tripod? Yes, you do!

Even with the latest Digital Cameras, you need a Sirui tripod!

Today’s digital cameras are capable of producing amazing images. They now exceed the quality associated with film – greater sharpness, latitude, sensitivity and flexibility. With ISO ranges beyond 104,000, the need to stabilize your camera would appear to be unnecessary. However, as cameras increase their pixel counts, the need for tripods and monopods actually increases! To get the most from high resolution cameras and lenses – to see the small details and smooth, subtle transitions in color – you’ll greatly benefit from using a Sirui tripod or monopod.

When You May Not Need A Tripod

• Using high ISO settings *
• Shooting candids/events

• Working with on-camera flash *
• Working in photo studios *
• Working with wide angle lenses *
• Can’t carry one with you **
• Limited space in backpack/camera bag **
• Using Image Stabilization lenses ***

* Using a Sirui tripod makes alignment and critical sharpness even better!
** Sirui tripods like the T-005X/025X, T-004/024, T-1005X/1205X and T-2005X/2205X are extremely compact, easy to carry and there when you need them. Plus, the P-306/326 monopods are only 15 inches long when closed!
*** While it helps, IS cannot provide the level of performance and critical adjustment – especially with telephoto lenses – possible with Sirui tripods and monopods.

When You Can’t Use A Tripod

Not allowed at:
•  Museums
• Galleries
• Sporting events#
• Very crowded areas
• Secure locations
# Due to limited space and the need to quickly move from place to place, a Sirui P-series monopod is the perfect solution! Vital for use with telephoto lenses. Many Sirui tripods (N, W and S-N series) come with monopod legs.

When Do You Need A Tripod?

When highest quality results are needed
• When maximum sharpness is needed
• When a maximum depth of field is needed
• When shooting in low light situations
• When you must use the slowest ISO for maximum performance
• For large groups and intimate portraits
• Time-lapse photography
• Product photography
• When using long, heavy telephoto lenses
• For long exposures/special effects
• For video production



birds closeup


Low Light or Limited Light

High Dynamic Range

Acceptable results in a high contrast                This is a combination of 5 images
image, but detail lost in the                             ranging from -2 to +2 exposure
shadows and bushes.                                  compensation. The shadow detail
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbband sky are greatly enhanced!


Handheld – uneven edges and cropping needed.

Tripod mounted for critical alignment.

Low Light Panoramas

Up in the stands, I needed to get a shot to show the formation of the marching band. A single wide-angle shot would make everyone very small and would not represent the complexity and expanse of the routine. This is 7 shots stitched together. Lit only by the stadium floods.

“Personal and Group” Portraiture

There are some people who stay behind the camera to shoot. However, many prefer to get away from the camera and interact with the subject. By putting the camera on a tripod, you can be more personal or intimate with the subject, especially children. By having a remote release in your hand, you can see what the subject is doing and react very quickly.

To Be In Your Pictures!!!!

What To Look for In A Sirui Tripod (or Monopod)

• High quality materials – aluminum for price/carbon fiber for maximum performance, higher load capacity and lighter weight
• Compact, lightweight, rugged and portable
• Capable of handling a heavy load
• Reliable 1/2 turn twist leg locks
• Able to shoot low down to the ground and adjust for uneven terrain
• Comes with carrying case, short center column (most models) and tool kit
• Ball head has the ability to handle heavy equipment
• Arca-compatible Quick Release plates for easy on/off
• 6 year warranty
• Outstanding price and value
• Buy the tripod that will satisfy your needs today and in the future. Buy it right the first time. This is a long-term investment!

All Sirui professional photographic products come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr sticker

For more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check our Facebook site at

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