Sirui Professional Tripods and Monopods – It’s all in the twist (locks)

Sirui Tripods/Monopods and Twist Locks…Perfect Together!

As a photographer, you have to decide on the proper tripod (or monopod) for your shooting style and needs. An important element of that decision is the convenience and speed of set-up and break-down.

There are a few types of leg locks and it’s important that you understand their differences.

The best locking system

Sirui has done extensive testing and refining of their twist leg locks. They have several parameters to consider:

1)   Reliability
2)   Speed of operation
3)   Ease of handling
4)   Function in a wide range of shooting conditions
5)   Stability

Let’s take it one step at a time.


You need to have a locking system that will work from day one…and last for a long time. Since Sirui manufactures and tests all components in-house, the quality is carefully regulated. You also need to feel confident that the legs will lock tightly when the temperature is changing (causing expansion and contraction of the leg tubes and locks). The use of twist leg locks insures reliable results because you always know the leg locks will be tight.

Flip lock designs often need to be adjusted due to wear and temperature changes – not convenient when you are in a hurry or don’t have the tools with you to make the adjustments.

Speed of operation

There is an ongoing discussion about the merits of a twist lock leg system vs. a flip lock system. In real-world situations, the speed of opening and closing Sirui twist lock leg systems is impressive! You can grip all leg locks at one time, twist ½ turn and Sirui legs smoothly and quickly slide open for fast set-up.


And that degree of smoothness is no accident! The difference in diameter of most Sirui tripod leg tubes (T/TX/N/R/SN series) is only 3mm.

Thanks to Sirui’s precision manufacturing, the legs open and close easily, while the small diameter difference provides added leg stability when you lock the legs. Compare Sirui to other brands and you will see that few tripod legs are built to the precise tolerance requirements  demanded by Sirui engineers.

Ease of handling

Handling and speed go hand-in-hand with Sirui tripods and monopods. It’s very important to know that Sirui leg locks need only ½ turn to unlock or lock the legs in place. And there is no need to strong arm the leg locks – like it used to be with older tripods and monopods.

A simple ½ counter-clockwise twist
unlocks the legs (more turns aren’t needed!!) and when you want to lock the legs in position, just tighten the legs (turn clockwise) until you feel some tension.

No need to “muscle” the leg locks – the new advanced Sirui leg lock mechanism does the work for you.

Function in the extremes

Sirui tests their tripods under extreme weather conditions. They simulate years of exposure in their specially designed torture testing equipment. And they don’t just test in real-world conditions –

they test products from -40 ~ 212°F  (-40 ~ 100°C) – a range that will cause your camera and lens to fail long before the tripods! And to make sure the rubber and metal components will hold up over time, Sirui also tests their products in bone-dry desert and high humidity rainforest conditions.

Stability – when all the elements come together!

To make a truly stable tripod or monopod requires all of the components to work in perfect harmony. From the forged spider, to the precision aluminum or 8 layer carbon fiber legs, to the easy to use and extremely reliable twist leg locks, Sirui tripods and monopods are the perfect choice for any shooting situation!!

As with all Sirui professional photographic products, Sirui Professional Tripods and Monopods come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr sticker

For more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check our Facebook site at

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