Sirui Telephoto Lens Support Plates

Sirui Telephoto Lens Support Plates

You know the situation – you’re using your super telephoto lens to capture that distant object or tightly focusing in on a crunching blow or crack of the bat. You attach your lens onto the tripod head and rely on a single, often flimsy, lens foot on that super tele lens, to do all of the stabilizing.

Problem is, that single contact point is not as stable as you would like it to be. Every time you move the camera/lens combo, the whole system flexes and shakes. Not ideal for critically sharp images!! Or, the peace of mind you need for this extremely expensive outfit.

Well, your worries are over with the new Sirui Telephoto Lens Support Plates! These impressive plates provide the ultimate in support and stability.

TY350 w:tele lens

TY-350 and VH-350 Support Plates

TY350 full length

Made from aircraft grade aluminum – and anodized for smooth operation and scratch resistance – the TY-350 (for use on Sirui Ball heads and other Arca-compatible ball heads)


and VH-350 (for use on Manfrotto compatible video heads) are strong, lightweight plates that can handle any lens you throw at them.


They’re 19 inches (482mm) long and have rubber grips that provide a slip-free surface for your lens’ foot. There are also 2 screws that can fit into the bottom of the lens foot to guarantee exacting lens alignment and security.

Each platform has a ¼” and 3/8” screw that can be positioned in any of the 3 slots. To change position on the VH-350, simply remove the rubber grommet, slide out the screw andVH-350 screw detail-3 place it into another slot. For the YT-350, unscrew the screw and place it in the desired slot. Fast, easy and perfect for any size lens. This is the first contact point on the plate.

The second contact point is on the end of the plate. There is a vertically adjustable support plate that is connected to an Arca-compatible Quick Release Platform. A Sirui Quick Release Plate (includeTY350 detaild) attaches to your camera body. The vertical plate can be moved up or down to precisely match the position of your camera when it is attached to your lens.

If you need to switch the body from vertical to horizontal position (the lens has a collar that lets you rotate the barrel) simply remove the QR plate and attach an Arca-compatible  “L” bracket (optional) onto your camera. This will now allow you to switch camera position and still be locked into the QR platform.

In addition to providing maximum support and stability, the plate also allows you to easily position the camera and lens on the Ball Head or Video Head, so that it is perfectly balanced. No worry that the outfit is front-heavy or back-heavy. Just loosen the QR platform lock and position the TY/VH plate so the weight is evenly distributed.

To get the most from your super telephoto lens – and keep it safe – order a Sirui Telephoto Lens Support Plate today!

As with all Sirui professional photographic products, Sirui Telephoto Lens Support Plates come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr sticker

For more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check our Facebook site at

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