In-depth Review on the Sirui T-025X Ultra-compact Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

We are pleased to share the latest, most comprehensive user review of the Sirui (pronounced Sue-ray) T-025X Ultra-compact tripod kit. From unboxing to Final Conclusion, this in-depth review covers it all!


The 11 page review discusses build and construction, compactness, stability, tripod leg setup and breakdown, ball head capabilities and much more. Real-world images and studio tests for stability show the impressive performance of the Sirui T-025X.

And the two videos attached to the review let you see the equipment up-close and personal.

We are proud to have the Final Conclusion end with these comments: “we can’t stress enough how the Sirui T-025X may just be the photographic accessory you need to bring your photography to that next level. And not because it’s the single best tripod we’ve ever come across. Whether in your bag, under your car seat, or attached to your belt loop, you’ll always have it with you.”

Our thanks to Alexander Jansen, contributor

For more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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