Latest SIRUI Products Shown at WPPI 2014

Come see the latest SIRUI Professional products at the WPPI 2014 Expo!

WPPI Shows2014

It’s that time again! Join more than 13,000 serious photographers and videographers at the annual Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International Expo. Come see over 300 manufacturers – especially SIRUI at Booth 1737 – and handle the products you’ve been dreaming about!

Location: MGM Conference Center, Las Vegas, NV                                               Expo Hours: March 3 & 4: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.     March 5: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

New SIRUI tripods and photo/video monopods 

Over the past few weeks, SIRUI has introduced many impressive new products for serious photo/video enthusiasts and pros. And the reactions have been amazing! To get more details on these exciting new products, please go to

SIRUI ET-Series Tripod Kits

e-2214xcloseUpTopCompact travel tripod and ball head set

If you’re a photographer on a budget, but refuse to compromise on quality, the new SIRUI ET Series tripod kit is your ideal choice. Built for travel, the ET Series offers full size tripods that fold compactly for easy storage and transport (fits into most backpacks or carry-on luggage).

Available in economical Aluminum Alloy or ultra lightweight 100% Carbon Fiber.

E- Series Ball head

The kit includes a matching E-Series Ball Head with a e-20xseparate panning and main locking knob and useful bubble level.

Advanced Flip Leg Locks

flipLockLegThe new SIRUI Flip Leg Lock System makes setup and breakdown fast and easy. Simply open the leg locks and the legs smoothly slide open. The SIRUI designed magnesium flip lock clamps provide enhanced stability.

e-2214xFold180The uniquely designed leg mechanism lets you to flip the legs up 180°. This allows the tripod to be folded significantly smaller than comparably sized tripods with conventional leg designs.

Other features like short center column (included), custom padded case, 6 year warranty, Arca-compatible ball head and quick release plate make this an excellent system for any photographer!

SIRUI EN-Series Tripod with Monopod Leg

EN-2204_001Full-sized tripod

When you need a full-featured tripod that’s designed to be used under a wide range of shooting situations, look no further than the SIRUI EN Series tripods.

Advanced Flip Leg Locks

SIRUI EN series tripods incorporate SIRUI’s new, advanced Flip Leg Lock System that makes setup and breakdown fast and easy. Simply flip open the leg locks and the legs smoothly slide open. flipLockLegUsing Magnesium leg clamps (for added strength) and SIRUI’s superior design, the flip locks provide a solid grip, enhanced stability and reliable performance.

180° Fold up legs

EN-2004 foldedSIRUI EN Series tripods have a unique leg mechanism that lets you to flip the legs up 180°. This allows the tripod to be folded significantly smaller than comparably sized tripods with conventional leg designs.


Split Center Column

The split center column makes changing from the standard center column to a short center column fast and easy.

Monopod Leg

EN-2204_003For added versatility, one of the tripod legs can be converted into a monopod! Extremely convenient when tripods are not allowed or when you’re shooting in tight spaces.

And by attaching the larger section of the split center column onto the monopod leg, you can significantly increase the height of the monopod.


SIRUI P-S Series Photo/Video Monopods w/Support Feet

The exciting new SIRUI P-S Series Multi-function Photo/Video Moopod has changed the rules, when it comes to versatile photo/video monopods!

In fact, the features do all the selling:

3 sturdy fold-down support feet 

Provide stability and flexibility not possible with standard monopods!


20° Tilt, Drag Control

You can tilt the monopod 20° in any direction and control drag for smooth transitions.

Vertical Locking Collaroutput_pQcwlr

Twist the vertical locking collar and turn it into an upright monopod with support feet (not free-standing).

Patented 360° Panning Hand Grip

SIRUI designed and patented 360° panning hand grip produces smooth,                      pro-level panning effects.

PS 360 pan

Only the top section of the monopod turns – not the entire shaft. That means you can hold onto the monopod for added stability and control! No other system has this important capability.

MonopodPS mon no feet

If you don’t need the feet, you can easily unscrew them and convert the SIRUI P-S Photo/video Monopod into a “conventional” monopod (you still have the built-in 360° panning grip – a SIRUI exclusive!)

Table top tripod

And for added flexibility, the patented feet can be used as a table-top or low angle tripod!PS table top w camThe SIRUI P-204S is available in economical Aluminum alloy and the SIRUI P-224S/324S/424S are made with lightweight 8 layer 100% Carbon fiber.

As with all SIRUI professional products, the SIRUI ET Series Tripod Kit, SIRUI EN-Series Tripod and SIRUI P-S Series Multi-function Photo/Video Monopods come with SIRUI’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr sticker

For more information on the above SIRUI Products or the full line of SIRUI Photo and Video tripods, monopods, heads and accessories, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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