Sirui N-3204X Tripod + K-20X Ball Head – Teemu Oksanen’s Perfect Combo

We are pleased to show still photographer Teemu Oksanen’s beautiful work that was shot with a Sirui N-3204x (formerly the M-3204X) and K-20X Ball Head.

Instead of telling you what we think about this combination – hint, it’s really rugged, lightweight and stable – we’ll let Teemu tell his story.

“For long exposure landscape photographers, a good and sturdy tripod are the most important tools. I am this type of photographer. I have been using a Sirui tripod and ball head for two years now and I think I have found the perfect partner for my camera. Here are some of the best moments I have shared with my Sirui.”


“This image was taken at Porvoo, Finland. I took this at Christmas time 2013. As you can see we had a terrible winter and didn’t have any snow or ice that time. Later it was better, but Christmas wasn’t white at all. With seascape images, wind is usually blowing pretty hard, so a good and sturdy tripod is really needed. I used my Sirui M-3204 tripod and K-20x ball head. Total exposure time was 8 minutes and 10 seconds. It was a long time for the tripod and camera to stay still!” Camera settings: Exposure 486 sec at f/11 | ISO 100


“I have been doing lots of hiking in Finnish Lapland. I usually do 80-100 km hikes. With those distances you really appreciate a light, compact tripod. That’s why I have a carbon fiber tripod. And the 180° flip up legs makes the tripod compact for travel.
This Pihtsusköngäs waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Finland. It’s a 17 meter free falling waterfall. To reach Pihtsusköngäs we had already hiked around 35-40km in the wilderness of north Lapland.
Waterfalls are not the easiest objects to photograph. When you take long exposures like this, it’s hard to keep your lens dry because wind blows water from the waterfall. You need to have a break from the wind. Luckily, I had it.”
Camera settings: Exposure 61 sec at f/11 | ISO 100

“My Sirui tripod has been tested really well in the cold Finnish winter. We usually have lots of snow and cold weather here in Scandinavia during the winter.
First I was a little skeptical how the leg locks would work at the freezing temperatures, but there has been no problems with the locks. They’ve worked perfectly!


Even when I shoot in the deep snow at -20°C, it still worked perfectly. And the spikes add stability on slippery surfaces.
These are not a long exposure shots, but I still used my tripod. That way I secured sharp images and it also helped me with planning and composition. Some people think that tripod slows you and is in your way all the time. I think it is a good thing to slow down. That way you I think more about the final image and you don’t rush with the shot. You will also explore more of the surroundings before you set your camera onto your tripod.”

t u r n i n g

“Last summer we toured the Western United States. This wonderful pier is located in San Simeon, California. I think I spent around 2 hours photographing this pier. It was new experience for me because we don’t have this type of pier in Finland. As you can see I needed to be really close to the pier. Waves gave troubles to my tripod, but I hanged a weight on a bungee cord attached to the tripod hook, to give some extra stability.” Camera settings: Exposure 135 sec at f/22|ISO 50

grand canyon

Grand Canyon was the most striking place of all. It’s massive and beautiful. One of the best experiences was waiting for sunrise with other people.
This panorama is stitched from six different pictures. With my Sirui K-20x ball head, panning was easy to do. The scale in the ball head really helps you control your shots. I put my camera in the portrait position. That’s when you will find if you have a good ball head, because in portrait position you place more pressure on ball head. The Sirui K-20x locked securely in place and stayed perfectly in the right position.
Camera settings: 1/10 at f/11 | ISO 100 – Panorama combined from the 6 pictures

Who is Teemu Oksanen?
He’s a 33 years old fine art landscape photographer and outdoor enthusiast from Finland. Most of his work is long exposure black & white landscapes. “I really enjoy the simple and unrealistic look of long exposure images.”

If you want to see more amazing images, please go to

The Sirui N-3204X Carbon Fiber Tripod and K-20X Ball Head, like all Sirui professional photographic products, come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr stickerFor more information on the above products or the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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