Sirui T-025X Ultra-Compact Tripod wins Editor’s Choice Award!

The impressive reviews for the Ultra-compact Sirui T-025X Tripod Kit just keep coming!

The latest review from the prestigious Australian blog/test site – Photo Review – confirms what we’ve always known.

“The Sirui T-025X tripod is so easy to carry it’s likely to qualify as the ‘best’ tripod since it’s the one you are most likely to have at hand. Whether it’s in your camera bag or attached to it, carried on your belt loop or sitting in a bicycle basket or on a car seat, it’s a small burden to carry.

Here’s some more of their comments and observations:

“The T-025X is the lightest and most compact model that can extend to over one metre in height. It also folds up to be the smallest of any tripod with such capability, making it ideal for travellers.”

“The C-10 ball head screws onto the mounting plate at the top of the central column. Made from solid anodised aluminium, it looks and feels strong.”

Don’t forget, it’s Arca compatible, too!

“If you want to increase the overall stability of the tripod and/or shoot from a lower vantage point, you can unscrew and remove the entire central column.  Without the centre column, you can position your camera within 10 cm of the ground.”

“…this locking system is quick to use and the legs can be angled in three different positions.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!!

And the article closes with a final plus not available from other companies: “And it comes with a six-year warranty for peace of mind.”

If you want to see the full review, please go to:

The Sirui T-025x Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit, like all Sirui professional photographic products, comes with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr stickerFor more information on the above products or the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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