You Need A Sirui Tripod – This Video Tells You Why!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, photographers and videographers need a high quality, stable tripod.

Sirui 3T-35Sirui R-X convert photo to video tripod

There are so many questions you need to ask before you make an investment in a tripod system. Where to begin??

Learn & Explore Series Episode 94

3T 2 camerasWell, thanks to blog sites like, you can find a lot of the answers in one place! And to make life even easier, today we have a video created by that explains these topics and so much more!

PhotographyTalk with JeffTo see this informative video, please go to

The topics include:

  • What’s new for 2014?
  • With today’s low light cameras, why do you need a tripod?
  • What type of cameras are these designed for?
  • What type of photographers are these tripods designed for?
  • What are the benefits of carbon fiber vs aluminum?
  • How do you determine what height the tripod should be?
  • What features do you look for in a tripod?
  • Can you expound a little about a center column – its importance and use?
  • What makes the T-OX series tripod so unique?
  • What kind of warranty do these tripods have?
  • And much more!

     EN-2204_003          NX-SeriesSplitCenterColumn          T-005X+T025X+c10X

If you want to find out more details about the full range of Sirui professional products

6 yr sticker(and their 6 year warranty),

please go to

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