Why I Chose Sirui Professional Tripods – David Akoubian: A Professional’s Story

We are pleased to continue introducing highly talented photographers on our blog. While their styles, techniques and interests all differ, they have one thing in common – their tripod of choice…SIRUI! In this installment, David Akoubian explains why he uses the full range of SIRUI products.

Photography is an evolving art. Your equipment is no different than the brush and easel is to a painter.

For me, a tripod can and is a very important part of my art. I use them for virtually all my landscape and portrait work with very little exception. I must have a good firm, steady base to build my image.

Tremont 042415e copy

I am also someone who believes in innovation and value. As equipment changes, having gear that grows to meet the newest technology is crucial. Is it the difference between a good image and bad? No, but having a good foundation to your technique can do nothing but good.

I have a need for several different tripods.

Sirui tripods of David Akoubian

I need a small one when I am hiking or cannot carry a larger tripod with me. Sirui makes a very small tripod, perfect for Point and Shoots, Mirrorless and a small DSLR. It is the Sirui T-005KX (on the left in the image).

The 3 Chairs 071815a copy

Sometimes, I need the biggest, beefiest tripod I can carry, when I am doing wildlife with a long lens or need that little extra support for my landscape work. I use the Sirui R-4214X tripod (second one from the right, next to the monopod). When I am doing landscapes, I use the Sirui K-40X ball head with the tripod, but when I am doing wildlife, I can easily swap it for the Sirui PH-20 Gimbal head.

WBCR 060515u copy

For times when the R-4214X is just too big for the situation, the Sirui T-2205X is perfect (second from the left). It fits easily into carry-on luggage and I usually have the Sirui G-20X ball head on it, but, can put the PH-20 Gimbal head on in a flash.

Eastern Bluebird 052715a copy

Then, of course, is the Sirui P-204S monopod with the Sirui L-10 monopod head (all the way to the right in the picture), which I believe is the finest monopod I have ever seen. I have raved about the monopod for situations that I couldn’t use the tripods and this monopod has saved many a shot for me.

Sparks Lane 042315a copy

What I like the most about the Sirui products is they’re a “system.” They make plates, heads, brackets and so much more that are all designed to work with each other perfectly. The system will accept other manufacturers’ plates that are the universal 39mm as well.

I also love the value of their products. There isn’t anyone who is putting out this kind of variety and, especially, quality at anywhere near the price.

Tremont 042415a copy

I should also say, Sirui does not pay me to talk nicely about their products. I especially would not recommend a product that I didn’t use and believe in strongly. Give them a look next time you are in a store, you will be pleased.

To see more of David’s images and to connect to his blog, please go to https://bearwoodsblog.wordpress.com/

To see the full line of Sirui tripods, monopods, heads and more, visit http://www.sirui.com or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/SiruiProfessionalTripods

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