Sirui T-004X Compact Tripod Kit – Top Gifts Under $250

It’s getting close to the holidays and it’s never too early to start planning what to buy for your favorite photographer(s)!


To help you get started, has published a list of photo gifts for under $250. And we’re pleased to see the new SIRUI T-004X Tripod Kit is on the top of their list!


The SIRUI T-004X is an ultra-compact tripod that takes all the benefits of our the top-selling SIRUI T-005X and adds a few extras to make it even more desirable!

Full sized, Compact tripod? Yes! It opens to 58″ but folds down to only 15.7″!

Lightweight, but sturdy? Yes! It weighs only about 2.5 lb, but can hold up to 13.2lb! And the carbon fiber SIRUI T-024X weighs only 2.0 lb!

201509081441694265Center column that is adjustable? Yes, plus a short center column is included to let you get just 4.9″ off of the ground!

C-10XComes as a kit? Yes, in addition to the stable legs, it comes with the compact, impressively strong C-10X ball head with an Arca-compatible quick release plate.

Impressive price? Actually, the SIRUI T-004X is closer to $150 than $250! And the carbon fiber SIRUI T-024X is just a few dollars over $250. An amazing price for a high quality carbon fiber tripod kit!


Here’s the full article on about great gifts for the holidays:

To see the full story about the SIRUI T-004X/024X Ultra-compact tripod kits, please go to:

The new SIRUI T-004X/024X, like all SIRUI tripods, monopods and heads, comes with  a 6-year warranty.

6 yr stickerFor more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check our Facebook site at

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