How To Create Iconic Nightscapes – Part 1 of a series by David Akoubian

SIRUI PRO David Akoubian shares his insights and techniques: Basic Requirements


With the advancements in digital photography, shooting the Milky Way and night skies is becoming more popular.

A nice wide angle lens on a digital camera using a basic starting formula of ISO 3200, 30 seconds in Manual Mode, manual focus set just shy of infinity, and white balance set around 3150K, will give you some really nice images. A cable release or self-timer to trigger the shutter will help to achieve a nice image.

Beyond a camera and proper settings, the most important part of the equation to achieving beautiful night sky images…a sturdy tripod is required. I shoot the night sky in locations that not only require me to have a rock steady base, but often is at weird angles since I am shooting rock formations or trees in the background. And I’m often lying flat on the ground to shoot.

I put all of my faith in shooting on my Sirui N-3204X Carbon Fiber tripod when I am shooting the night sky.

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