Come See the Latest SIRUI Products in Mexico City!!

Come see Sirui tripods, monopods and heads at Foto Regis’ event of the year! From September 3-5 you can see why SIRUI has become such a successful brand in such a short period of time!


See the new SIRUI VSK-5 Video Survival Kit,

VSK-5_001SIRUI VTJ-1.8 Video Travel Jib

VTJSIRUI 3T-35 Table Top Tripod

Sirui 3T-35

SIRUI P-S Photo/Video Monopods

PS tilting

and a full selection of SIRUI products. Handle them, buy them, enjoy them!

And you can also learn how to use your equipment with the many workshops, seminars and hands-on events.

To register for the show, go to

For more information on the complete line of SIRUI products, please go to or

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Why I Chose Sirui Professional Tripods – David Akoubian: A Professional’s Story

We are pleased to continue introducing highly talented photographers on our blog. While their styles, techniques and interests all differ, they have one thing in common – their tripod of choice…SIRUI! In this installment, David Akoubian explains why he uses the full range of SIRUI products.

Photography is an evolving art. Your equipment is no different than the brush and easel is to a painter.

For me, a tripod can and is a very important part of my art. I use them for virtually all my landscape and portrait work with very little exception. I must have a good firm, steady base to build my image.

Tremont 042415e copy

I am also someone who believes in innovation and value. As equipment changes, having gear that grows to meet the newest technology is crucial. Is it the difference between a good image and bad? No, but having a good foundation to your technique can do nothing but good.

I have a need for several different tripods.

Sirui tripods of David Akoubian

I need a small one when I am hiking or cannot carry a larger tripod with me. Sirui makes a very small tripod, perfect for Point and Shoots, Mirrorless and a small DSLR. It is the Sirui T-005KX (on the left in the image).

The 3 Chairs 071815a copy

Sometimes, I need the biggest, beefiest tripod I can carry, when I am doing wildlife with a long lens or need that little extra support for my landscape work. I use the Sirui R-4214X tripod (second one from the right, next to the monopod). When I am doing landscapes, I use the Sirui K-40X ball head with the tripod, but when I am doing wildlife, I can easily swap it for the Sirui PH-20 Gimbal head.

WBCR 060515u copy

For times when the R-4214X is just too big for the situation, the Sirui T-2205X is perfect (second from the left). It fits easily into carry-on luggage and I usually have the Sirui G-20X ball head on it, but, can put the PH-20 Gimbal head on in a flash.

Eastern Bluebird 052715a copy

Then, of course, is the Sirui P-204S monopod with the Sirui L-10 monopod head (all the way to the right in the picture), which I believe is the finest monopod I have ever seen. I have raved about the monopod for situations that I couldn’t use the tripods and this monopod has saved many a shot for me.

Sparks Lane 042315a copy

What I like the most about the Sirui products is they’re a “system.” They make plates, heads, brackets and so much more that are all designed to work with each other perfectly. The system will accept other manufacturers’ plates that are the universal 39mm as well.

I also love the value of their products. There isn’t anyone who is putting out this kind of variety and, especially, quality at anywhere near the price.

Tremont 042415a copy

I should also say, Sirui does not pay me to talk nicely about their products. I especially would not recommend a product that I didn’t use and believe in strongly. Give them a look next time you are in a store, you will be pleased.

To see more of David’s images and to connect to his blog, please go to

To see the full line of Sirui tripods, monopods, heads and more, visit or visit our Facebook page at

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Sirui K40x Ball Head Review: Is this the Perfect Ball Head For Your Tripod?

While we try to offer useful insight into the latest SIRUI products, we always appreciate reviews done by professionals. In today’s blog, we have a thorough review by Ryan Filgas (Gear & Apps) from the SLR Lounge blog. Here’s what Ryan had to say about the SIRUI K-40X Professional Ball Head.

Sirui K40x Ball Head Review: Is this the Perfect Ball Head For Your Tripod? by October 13th 2014

Initial Thoughts

In my quest to find the perfect ballhead for my tripod, I stumbled across the Sirui K40X. What needs does this fill for me? I’ll get into details, but to begin: it’s under $200, and looks like a gem. I’ve taken the last month to review this tripod head and four others to find what works well for the needs of a mid-budget photographer with versatile interests. Just opening this item, I knew it was of good quality, and I was surprised just how well the ball moved in its mount at the zero friction setting.

Can I say again that the movement of this head is seamless, buttery, smooth, (insert more adjectives here) even under the weight of a Canon 60D, lens, and a battery pack, it performs extraordinarily. The tension knob does its job and there’s no play after it’s tightened – the camera stays exactly where you left it and doesn’t drop down after tightening. The rotation measurement at the bottom is just as smooth and easy to read, and the camera mount is sturdy. The friction screw work as expected, as do the bubble levels.

  • 4.9” Tall (12.5cm)
  • 1.54lbs
  • 55mm Ball Diameter
  • Ball Lock
  • Teflon Ball Contact
  • Arca Swiss-Type Quick Release Mount
  • Friction Screw
  • Rotation Indicator
  • Bubble Levels (horizontal, vertical, radial)
  • Red Safety Button to Keep Plate From Slipping
  • Adapter for Smaller Mounting Screws

As far as tripod heads go, this has all of the standard features and includes a bubble level everywhere you’d need it. There is what looks to be a layer of Teflon underneath the ball that serves as a lubricant, so this isn’t a tripod head you’ll need to be spraying with WD-40 any time soon. The Arca Swiss type mount allows some lateral camera movement, and features a safety button so the plate won’t fall when positioned vertically in the case that it’s not secured properly.  If you’re looking to do some panning with this head, you should note it is only marked with increments of 15 degrees, so it won’t be terribly precise. This isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, however I’ve removed a star for this fact.

The design of this tripod head is without a doubt well thought out, and it’s been refined to the point that there’s truly nothing left to take away. This model uses a single knob for both tension and locking, which frees up some extra time and doing away with any unnecessary difficulties using the product. It does however have a friction screw that defines which number the ball lock stops at. For example, if you had a heavier camera, you could default it to level one or two. This is one of Sirui’s heavier models, made to hold 77.2 lbs (35kg) however, so if you’re headed on a hike, one of their lighter models may be a better fit.

The Sirui’s K40X ballhead is built like a hulk with aluminum alloy, a 77lb (35kg) load capacity, is self lubricating, and has a machined aluminum quick release. It’s a high quality, high performance product, and holding it will leave few unimpressed.

For around $170 this tripod head is hard to beat. Sure, you could have some fancier options for more precision, panning etc, but at this price, it’s unlikely to be of the same quality. For the time I’ve had it, I could see this lasting years, and though it’s a large piece of metal, I would not hesitate to purchase one of Sirui’s smaller ballheads in a heartbeat after using this.

Overall, the Sirui K40X is an excellent product and is certainly nice to look at, almost too nice, but it’s a tool first and foremost, not something to put in a protective case. This is a precisely manufactured piece of equipment that operates seamlessly without hassle and little foreseeable maintenance. I would recommend this head to anyone looking for a quality product, professional or otherwise.


You can see the original review at:

Thanks to Ryan for the great review!

The SIRUI K-40X Ball Head, like all SIRUI products has an impressive 6 year warranty!

6 yr sticker

For more information on the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check our Facebook site at

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SIRUI VA-5 Ultra-compact Fluid Video Head

Professional looking videos from a small, precision-built Video Head!

Video, DSLR and mirrorless cameras continue to get smaller and smaller, but the desire to create professional looking videos continues to grow. To take full advantage of these compact cameras, demand for high quality, compact fluid video heads has been explosive!

The new Sirui VA-5 Ultra-compact Fluid video head satisfies that demand perfectly! This precision-machined, forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy video head is lightweight (only 1.3 lb.), rugged and designed to hold up to 6.6 lb.!


To create beautiful, professional looking videos, you need smooth movements and transitions. The SIRUI VA-5 Professional Fluid Video Head has a fluid system designed to produce smooth pans (drag is preset for smooth 360° pans or can be locked for accurate framing) and tilts (+70°/-90°).

VH-10 lock

The SIRUI designed fluid head tilt mechanism lets you steplessly adjust resistance – producing a smooth, professional look with heavy or lightweight systems. And an internal spring-assisted counter-balance mechanism provides added support, smoother tilt movements and lets you position the camera at any angle without locking the head in place!

The SIRUI VA-5 comes with the TY-70A Quick Release Plate and can use all SIRUI TY series photo quick release plates and most Arca compatible plates.


TY-70A QR Plate

The SIRUI VA-5 video head performs equally well on photo or video tripods. The SIRUI VA-5 is well suited for use with spotting scopes, providing fast, smooth tracking and easy operation. The SIRUI VA-5 also makes a perfect video outfit when combined with Sirui P-S Series Multi-function Photo/video monopods.

Forward/backward camera position adjustments for balance are fast and easy. And the dual safety lock system prevents the camera from falling off when the primary locking mechanism is loosened. Push the secondary release button to remove the camera from the video head.

To VH_VA bubble levelmake horizontal alignment of the head extra easy, there are 2 bubble levels – one on the base of the head to align the tripod and one on top of the video head to align the camera (a SIRUI first!).

The VA-5 is perfect for use with compact DSLRs, video cameras and spotting scopes weighing up to 6.6 lb.. It includes a TY-70A Quick Release Plate, handle, custom case, tools and a SIRUI 6-year warranty.

If you want to find out more details about the SIRUI VA-5 or the rest of the line of Sirui professional products

6 yr sticker(and their 6 year warranty),

please go to

 or check out our Facebook site at

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Sirui Tripods, Monopods and Heads on Display at WPPI 2015


Tripods and Monopods and Heads, oh Yes!

All who attended the ImagingUSA show in Nashville last month had the opportunity to handle the latest Sirui products. The explosive increase in traffic at the Sirui blog and Facebook sites and the impressive number of products sold at the show, are the best indicators of the broad acceptance and desire for Sirui professional products!

Sirui R-X convert photo to video tripodUltra-compact Kits – T-005X/025X

Traveler Tripods – T-X & ET Series

Tripod w/monopod leg – N-X & EN Series

Flat Traveler Tripods – S-N Series  

Photo/Video Tripods – R-X Series

Table Top Tripods – 3T-35Sirui 3T-35

PS monopod str-3150

Professional Photo/Video Monopods

P-204S -Aluminum

P-224S/324S/424S – 8 layer Carbon Fiber

Photo Monopod/Video Monopod/Table Top Tripod in one portable system!

Photo and Video HeadsST2005-G20x2

Ball Heads – GX/KX/C/E Series

Video Heads – VA-5/VH-10/15VH-10 qr off

We Look Forward to Seeing You at The Show!

If you’re in Las Vegas March 2-4, please make sure you visit us at the Sirui booth #1750! If you can’t get there, simply go to the website and see the full range of Sirui products.

For full details about the entire range of Sirui professional products

6 yr sticker(and their 6 year warranty),

please go to

 or check out our Facebook site at

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SIRUI on display at Imaging USA 2015 in Nashville, TN


In only a few hours, thousands of professional and amateur photo/videographers will be handling the newest SIRUI products! Will you be there with us? We hope so!!

To celebrate the opening of the Imaging USA Show in Nashville, Tennessee, authorized SIRUI U.S. dealers are offering a special discount. Here are the details:

Save 5% off of the following products, when you buy a SIRUI tripod, monopod or Photo/video monopod.

SIRUI Fluid Video Heads

vh-10_1_1 VA-5, VH-10 or VH-15

Forged aircraft aluminum alloy, fluid movements, counter-balance system and so much more!

Go to

for complete product information.

SIRUI L-10 Monopod HeadL-10 conglomerate

Forged aircraft aluminum alloy, large, strong locking knob, counter-balance system and so much more!

Go to

for complete product information.

 Representatives from SIRUI will be at Booth #166 to show the full range of SIRUI products. Now is the time to get a true understanding of the quality in all SIRUI tripods, monopods, heads and accessories.

If you can’t make it to the show, you can still take advantage of the special promotion.

And there will be a follow-up review on the show next week!

If you want to find out more details about the full range of Sirui professional products

6 yr sticker(and their 6 year warranty),

please go to

 or check out our Facebook site at

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You Need A Sirui Tripod – This Video Tells You Why!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, photographers and videographers need a high quality, stable tripod.

Sirui 3T-35Sirui R-X convert photo to video tripod

There are so many questions you need to ask before you make an investment in a tripod system. Where to begin??

Learn & Explore Series Episode 94

3T 2 camerasWell, thanks to blog sites like, you can find a lot of the answers in one place! And to make life even easier, today we have a video created by that explains these topics and so much more!

PhotographyTalk with JeffTo see this informative video, please go to

The topics include:

  • What’s new for 2014?
  • With today’s low light cameras, why do you need a tripod?
  • What type of cameras are these designed for?
  • What type of photographers are these tripods designed for?
  • What are the benefits of carbon fiber vs aluminum?
  • How do you determine what height the tripod should be?
  • What features do you look for in a tripod?
  • Can you expound a little about a center column – its importance and use?
  • What makes the T-OX series tripod so unique?
  • What kind of warranty do these tripods have?
  • And much more!

     EN-2204_003          NX-SeriesSplitCenterColumn          T-005X+T025X+c10X

If you want to find out more details about the full range of Sirui professional products

6 yr sticker(and their 6 year warranty),

please go to

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Sirui N-3204X Tripod + K-20X Ball Head – Teemu Oksanen’s Perfect Combo

We are pleased to show still photographer Teemu Oksanen’s beautiful work that was shot with a Sirui N-3204x (formerly the M-3204X) and K-20X Ball Head.

Instead of telling you what we think about this combination – hint, it’s really rugged, lightweight and stable – we’ll let Teemu tell his story.

“For long exposure landscape photographers, a good and sturdy tripod are the most important tools. I am this type of photographer. I have been using a Sirui tripod and ball head for two years now and I think I have found the perfect partner for my camera. Here are some of the best moments I have shared with my Sirui.”


“This image was taken at Porvoo, Finland. I took this at Christmas time 2013. As you can see we had a terrible winter and didn’t have any snow or ice that time. Later it was better, but Christmas wasn’t white at all. With seascape images, wind is usually blowing pretty hard, so a good and sturdy tripod is really needed. I used my Sirui M-3204 tripod and K-20x ball head. Total exposure time was 8 minutes and 10 seconds. It was a long time for the tripod and camera to stay still!” Camera settings: Exposure 486 sec at f/11 | ISO 100


“I have been doing lots of hiking in Finnish Lapland. I usually do 80-100 km hikes. With those distances you really appreciate a light, compact tripod. That’s why I have a carbon fiber tripod. And the 180° flip up legs makes the tripod compact for travel.
This Pihtsusköngäs waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Finland. It’s a 17 meter free falling waterfall. To reach Pihtsusköngäs we had already hiked around 35-40km in the wilderness of north Lapland.
Waterfalls are not the easiest objects to photograph. When you take long exposures like this, it’s hard to keep your lens dry because wind blows water from the waterfall. You need to have a break from the wind. Luckily, I had it.”
Camera settings: Exposure 61 sec at f/11 | ISO 100

“My Sirui tripod has been tested really well in the cold Finnish winter. We usually have lots of snow and cold weather here in Scandinavia during the winter.
First I was a little skeptical how the leg locks would work at the freezing temperatures, but there has been no problems with the locks. They’ve worked perfectly!


Even when I shoot in the deep snow at -20°C, it still worked perfectly. And the spikes add stability on slippery surfaces.
These are not a long exposure shots, but I still used my tripod. That way I secured sharp images and it also helped me with planning and composition. Some people think that tripod slows you and is in your way all the time. I think it is a good thing to slow down. That way you I think more about the final image and you don’t rush with the shot. You will also explore more of the surroundings before you set your camera onto your tripod.”

t u r n i n g

“Last summer we toured the Western United States. This wonderful pier is located in San Simeon, California. I think I spent around 2 hours photographing this pier. It was new experience for me because we don’t have this type of pier in Finland. As you can see I needed to be really close to the pier. Waves gave troubles to my tripod, but I hanged a weight on a bungee cord attached to the tripod hook, to give some extra stability.” Camera settings: Exposure 135 sec at f/22|ISO 50

grand canyon

Grand Canyon was the most striking place of all. It’s massive and beautiful. One of the best experiences was waiting for sunrise with other people.
This panorama is stitched from six different pictures. With my Sirui K-20x ball head, panning was easy to do. The scale in the ball head really helps you control your shots. I put my camera in the portrait position. That’s when you will find if you have a good ball head, because in portrait position you place more pressure on ball head. The Sirui K-20x locked securely in place and stayed perfectly in the right position.
Camera settings: 1/10 at f/11 | ISO 100 – Panorama combined from the 6 pictures

Who is Teemu Oksanen?
He’s a 33 years old fine art landscape photographer and outdoor enthusiast from Finland. Most of his work is long exposure black & white landscapes. “I really enjoy the simple and unrealistic look of long exposure images.”

If you want to see more amazing images, please go to

The Sirui N-3204X Carbon Fiber Tripod and K-20X Ball Head, like all Sirui professional photographic products, come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr stickerFor more information on the above products or the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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Sirui T-025X Ultra-Compact Tripod wins Editor’s Choice Award!

The impressive reviews for the Ultra-compact Sirui T-025X Tripod Kit just keep coming!

The latest review from the prestigious Australian blog/test site – Photo Review – confirms what we’ve always known.

“The Sirui T-025X tripod is so easy to carry it’s likely to qualify as the ‘best’ tripod since it’s the one you are most likely to have at hand. Whether it’s in your camera bag or attached to it, carried on your belt loop or sitting in a bicycle basket or on a car seat, it’s a small burden to carry.

Here’s some more of their comments and observations:

“The T-025X is the lightest and most compact model that can extend to over one metre in height. It also folds up to be the smallest of any tripod with such capability, making it ideal for travellers.”

“The C-10 ball head screws onto the mounting plate at the top of the central column. Made from solid anodised aluminium, it looks and feels strong.”

Don’t forget, it’s Arca compatible, too!

“If you want to increase the overall stability of the tripod and/or shoot from a lower vantage point, you can unscrew and remove the entire central column.  Without the centre column, you can position your camera within 10 cm of the ground.”

“…this locking system is quick to use and the legs can be angled in three different positions.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!!

And the article closes with a final plus not available from other companies: “And it comes with a six-year warranty for peace of mind.”

If you want to see the full review, please go to:

The Sirui T-025x Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit, like all Sirui professional photographic products, comes with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr stickerFor more information on the above products or the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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PhotoPlus Expo 2014 – Come see the latest SIRUI Products!!

Come see the latest SIRUI products at the PhotoPlus Expo at Javitz Center in NYC!


Here’s a quick overview of the newest SIRUI products that will be shown this week at PhotoPlus Expo:

SIRUI 3T-35 Table Top Tripod

The new SIRUI 3T-35 Table Top Tripod Kit is an ultra-compact, rugged, portable, flexible table top tripod…and much more! At only 9.5 inches closed, it can easily fit in a camera bag, backpack or back pocket. It can even fit in you glove compartment!

Sirui 3T-35

The SIRUI 3T-35 is made of forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy, so it’s rugged and built to last! It’s large, stable support legs can hold digital and video cameras weighing up to 8.8 lbs.

 And the two-section center column can extend to 13.5 inches!

The rugged, compact 3T w_o centerball head comes with an Arca-compatible quick release plate and, when you remove the center column, can be placed directly onto the support legs for low angle shooting (just 4 inches off the ground) and maximum stability. Lean against a tree or put it on a ledge for unique perspectives.

SIRUI R-X Series Photo/Video Tripod

Sirui R5214XL photo_video tripodThe rugged SIRUI R-X Series Photo/Video tripods are the tallest (up to 6.6 feet tall!), strongest (10 layers of 100% Carbon Fiber) and most stable models SIRUI has ever manufactured.

The flat platform allows you to attach a SIRUI K-40X Professional Ball Head or a SIRUI PH-20 Gimbal Head for shooting with super telephoto lenses.

And when you need to shoot high quality videos, the flat platform can be replaced with the included 75mm bowl for use with SIRUI Professional Fluid Video Heads.

Sirui R-X convert photo to video tripod

VH-10 and VH-15 Professional Fluid Video Heads

 The precision-machined aluminum VH-10 weighs only 1.98lb (.9kg) , it can easily handle camera systems (camera, lens, grip, lights, etc.) weighing up to 13.2lb (6kg)! And to keep everything level, it has a 4.4lb (2kg) built-in counterbalance system.

VH-series hanlde closed-389Sirui product shots-368

It’s larger sibling, the VH-15, weighs only 3.7lb (1.7kg) , it can easily handle camera systems (camera, lens, grip, lights, etc.) weighing up to 22lb (10kg)! The built-in counterbalance for the VH-15 is 8.8lb (4kg).

SIRUI P-S Series Photo/Video Monopodsoutput_dzjIxO

SIRUI P-S Series Photo/Video Monopods have three sturdy fold-down support feet that provide stability and flexibility not possible with standard monopods! The rugged feet allow you to pan the monopod 360° and tilt 20° in any direction without worrying that the monopod will move out of position! And you can step on the feet for even greater stability!

PS 360 pan To tilt the monopod 20° in any direction, SIRUI utilizes a precision ball head mechanism in the base of the monopod. Control the amount of drag that you need by turning the tension control knob. To restrict movement (no tilting) twist the vertical locking collar and turn it into a monopod with support feet.  

PS table top w cam

If you don’t need the feet, you can easily unscrew them and convert the SIRUI P-S Photo/video Monopod into a conventional monopod. And for added flexibility, the feet can be used as a table-top or low angle tripod!

All Sirui professional photographic products come with Sirui’s 6 year warranty!

6 yr stickerFor more information on the above products or the full line of Sirui products, please go to or check out our Facebook site at

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