How To Create Iconic Nightscapes – Part 2 of a series by David Akoubian

SIRUI PRO David Akoubian shares his insights and techniques: Recommended equipment


My “go to” tripod for this work is the Sirui N-3204X Carbon Fiber tripod with the Sirui K-30X Ball Head attached. The light weight and compact design let me hike to get to my destinations, often a mile or so from my car, without being a distraction and allowing me to focus on the trail.

ST2005-shortcolI usually remove the center column and work with the short center column, allowing me to get down low to the ground to shoot as well.


When I set up my shots I never worry about the camera drifting during the long exposures. Why? Once I tighten the Sirui K-30X Ball Head, I know it is there to stay until I loosen it. This is the most common problem I see with other shooters, their camera moving during the exposure.k-30x-angle-view

I know once I am set, the K-30X allows me to focus on the composition of the image as well as add light painting when the image needs that extra something to make a good picture into a great one!

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