SIRUI VA-5 Ultra-compact Fluid Video Head

Professional looking videos from a small, precision-built Video Head!

Video, DSLR and mirrorless cameras continue to get smaller and smaller, but the desire to create professional looking videos continues to grow. To take full advantage of these compact cameras, demand for high quality, compact fluid video heads has been explosive!

The new Sirui VA-5 Ultra-compact Fluid video head satisfies that demand perfectly! This precision-machined, forged aircraft grade aluminum alloy video head is lightweight (only 1.3 lb.), rugged and designed to hold up to 6.6 lb.!


To create beautiful, professional looking videos, you need smooth movements and transitions. The SIRUI VA-5 Professional Fluid Video Head has a fluid system designed to produce smooth pans (drag is preset for smooth 360° pans or can be locked for accurate framing) and tilts (+70°/-90°).

VH-10 lock

The SIRUI designed fluid head tilt mechanism lets you steplessly adjust resistance – producing a smooth, professional look with heavy or lightweight systems. And an internal spring-assisted counter-balance mechanism provides added support, smoother tilt movements and lets you position the camera at any angle without locking the head in place!

The SIRUI VA-5 comes with the TY-70A Quick Release Plate and can use all SIRUI TY series photo quick release plates and most Arca compatible plates.


TY-70A QR Plate

The SIRUI VA-5 video head performs equally well on photo or video tripods. The SIRUI VA-5 is well suited for use with spotting scopes, providing fast, smooth tracking and easy operation. The SIRUI VA-5 also makes a perfect video outfit when combined with Sirui P-S Series Multi-function Photo/video monopods.

Forward/backward camera position adjustments for balance are fast and easy. And the dual safety lock system prevents the camera from falling off when the primary locking mechanism is loosened. Push the secondary release button to remove the camera from the video head.

To VH_VA bubble levelmake horizontal alignment of the head extra easy, there are 2 bubble levels – one on the base of the head to align the tripod and one on top of the video head to align the camera (a SIRUI first!).

The VA-5 is perfect for use with compact DSLRs, video cameras and spotting scopes weighing up to 6.6 lb.. It includes a TY-70A Quick Release Plate, handle, custom case, tools and a SIRUI 6-year warranty.

If you want to find out more details about the SIRUI VA-5 or the rest of the line of Sirui professional products

6 yr sticker(and their 6 year warranty),

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